Childbirth Education

My childbirth education classes utilize The Family Way Publications’ education materials, and reflects their philosophy that:

• childbirth is a joyful experience for which parents should prepare, and

• preparation should give a woman confidence in her body’s ability to give birth, to nourish, and to nurture her children.

Topics included:

• Anatomy of pregnancy

• Basic terminology

• Nutrition & Exercise

• Stages of labor

• Comfort measures

• Labor support

• Interventions

• Newborn procedures and care

• Breastfeeding

• Postpartum adjustment

Along with these topics you will:

• Learn how to communicate effectively with your partner and with your healthcare team

• Learn how to prepare a birth plan

• Practice non-medical comfort techniques for labor such as movement, position changes, comforting touch, visualization, breathing techniques, and affirmations

• Have access to a student workbook, handouts, and research information


Scroll down to learn about class options!

  • 6 Week Comprehensive Childbirth Education
    • $ 500 One time payment
    • 6 separate sessions, 2-3 hours each. Sessions are held in the comfort of your own home (virtually or in-person) at a mutually agreed upon time; weekdays, weekends, and after hours.
  • 2 Day Intensive Childbirth Education
    • $ 375 One time payment
    • Includes all topics listed for the 6 week course, shortened and condensed to fit into two 4-5 hour sessions.
  • A La Carte Classes
    • $ 100 per class One time payment
    • 2 hour sessions each class. These classes can be tailored to fit your needs. If there are specific topics you would like to learn about that you do not see here please ask.

      • Labor Preparation & Pain Management

      • Hospital Procedures, Medical Intervention, & Cesarean Birth

      • Labor Support

      • Postpartum Adjustment & Newborn Care

      • Breastfeeding