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Planning for Labor

I want to help you have the best possible pregnancy and it starts at the beginning, with planning. We will get together for at least 2 prenatal appointments where we will discuss any concerns or worries you may have, your preferences, needs, and expectations, as well as comfort measures, nutrition, and exercise. I will also help you build a birth plan.


I am there with you before and after the baby is born. I am available by phone, text, and email throughout your pregnancy, and I am on call to you from 36 weeks up to and through delivery. Once labor has begun I can meet you at your place of birth, or I can support you at  your home until you are ready to transition to your place of birth. I offer continuous physical, emotional, and informational support throughout your labor and delivery. I will help you initiate breastfeeding (if that is what you choose), and I will stay with you for 1-2 hours after your baby is born.


Sometimes it’s a difficult task to start breastfeeding. I’ll be there to help you feed like a champ. I can assist with latch, positioning, and learning to use a breast pump. I have learning resources available and can offer referrals as needed.


I’ll be there for you as you transition into a new life. We will have an in-home visit 2-3 days after delivery, and again 2-3 weeks after delivery. We will discuss your feelings about your birth, as well as any concerns or needs you have as a new parent. I can also help with babywearing and cloth diapering.

Childbirth Education

My childbirth education course includes topics such as:

• Anatomy of pregnancy

• Basic terminology

• Nutrition & exercise

• Stages of labor

• Comfort measures

• Labor support

• Interventions

• Newborn procedures and care

• Breastfeeding

• Postpartum adjustment